I have lots of people ask about the name of our business FAE + WILDLING so I thought I'd pop it on the blog for people to understand. 

The name of our business FAE + WILDLING was created from a love of two things. The first is FAE, which represents my life long love of faeries and connection to nature and spirituality. 

The faeries are guardians of the plants and animals which is one of the reasons why I'm against animal cruelty. It's also why the ingredients used in the products are all respected and never taken advantage of. An example of this is using sustainably sourced Sandalwood, which was fast becoming an endangered species. We also choose organic ingredients as much as possible. 

The second part WILDLING represents a wild plant or seed, which is my love of botanicals. Being in the natural skincare industry for over 10 years along with my journey of becoming an aromatherapist, I've been lucky to experience all the benefits that nature and its wisdom has to offer. 

The names of the rest of the products were chosen as a gentle reminder of the possibilities and benefits of connecting with my own version of spirituality.
The names are also very mythical based which for me is a reminder to get in touch with my inner child to practice playfulness, have fun and be happy. I hope it inspires others to do the same.

Sophie x

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