Your facial oil has been created so it can be easily incorporated into any existing skincare routine or can be used on its own. 

It really depends on your current routine and how invested you are in your skin. 

If you like to keep your routine very simple, you could simply dampen your skin (we suggest you try a floral water) and then put your oil over the top instead of a moisturiser morning and night. The oils easily absorb into the skin leaving it non-greasy but nice and nourished.

If you enjoy using more products in your routine here are some other ways on how to use your facial oil:
1. Add a few drops morning and night as a booster to your current moisturiser
2. Use on top of a water based serum instead of a moisturiser
3. Add a few drops to your mask or scrub
4. Use as a night treatment

5. Massage into your skin a few times a week as a booster. This will instantly give the skin a nice glow. 

Remember these oils are nicely concentrated so a little goes a long way. To mix things up you could try using one oil in the morning eg. The Fates to nourish and protect and then The Immanence at night to calm and re-balance. 

Still not sure on how our face oils fit in to your current routine? Simply email us at and we'd be happy to help.

Sophie x

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