Enjoying a mask once or twice a week is beneficial not only for the skin but if done correctly it can also have a wonderful affect on our emotional wellbeing. 

At F+W we practice slow beauty whenever possible. This incorporates taking the time to slow down, be conscious and enjoy your skin care routine. We are all busy so by taking some time out, even if it's just for 10 minutes we can honour ourselves. 

So how can you create the ultimate mask ritual? 

Let's start by making sure you're not going to be disturbed for the next 15-20 minutes. If you can give yourself even longer that's great! 

Now we're going to set the mood for a relaxing environment. You may want to run a bath, sit in some natural sunlight or get comfy with some big pillows and light a candle. What ever makes you feel good. 

Next we're going to mix our mask. You can either use THE IMMORTELLE or ETHEREAL POLISH for this. The consistency of these products when mixed should be thick and fluffy like displayed in the photo. We do this by getting a small dish and then slowly adding a small amount of water until the desired consistency is reached. Ensure you mix well which will encourage the mixture to fluff up. Now we let it sit for around one minute. 

It's time to now apply your mask, make sure your skin is clean. For best results we love using mask brushes, but if you don't have one you can just apply evenly with your fingers. Make sure you leave large enough circles around your eyes to avoid getting any mixture in them. 

Once you have applied your mask it's time to settle in and relax. Get comfortable in your scared space and take some deep breaths. Switch off mental chatter and give yourself permission to relax. You may want to listen to a meditation or say some positive affirmations. What ever you decide to do is up to you. You deserve this time so enjoy it. 

How long should you leave the mask on? This depends on your skin type. Here are our recommendations:
Sensitive skin: Maximum 5-10 minutes (a few minutes only for the first time)
Normal skin: 5-10 minutes
Oily/congested skin: 10-15 minutes

Once you've tried your mask a few times and you know your skin has become used to this step you can leave on for longer if you wish.

Once your time is up simply remove your mask with a damp warm cloth. This should be done with gentle care. Avoid being to firm as your skin is delicate. 

Once you've removed your mask continue your routine by applying your face oil. Once again, take this time to gently massage the skin for around 5 minutes. Continue to breathe deeply, relax and enjoy this time. Visualise how all the beautiful ingredients are helping your skin and mind to flourish. 

A nice practice to finish off your experience is to list three things you are grateful for in your life. Don't over think it... just keep your thoughts positive.

I hope you enjoy the ultimate mask experience and I look forward to hearing from you all.

Sophie x

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