Rose Quartz - Mushroom Gua Sha + The Auricle 30ml

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The Ritual:
Allow the simple and peaceful practice of our Gua Sha Rituals to take your skin health to the next level when used in harmony with the FAE + WILDLING face oils. 

You'll be guided on using gentle techniques of lymphatic drainage massage, lifting and sculpting the face all whilst incorporating breathwork.

The Tool:
Is a genuine Rose Quartz crystal carved specifically for the face and eye areas.

Energetically, Rose Quartz strengthens the heart on all levels and promotes love in all forms including self love. The crystal is known to soften and calm energies bringing a new sense of peace.

This tool comes with a complimentary 30ml of THE AURICLE multipurpose oil.

The Benefits: (may vary from person to person)

  • Encourages product absorption
  • Enhances the texture and appearance of the skin - here we glow...
  • Reduces puffiness - especially around the eye area
  • Encourages circulation
  • Reduces the visible signs of ageing (this is done by releasing wrinkles from their underlying adhesions 
  • Promotes cellular regeneration and aiding in desquamation
  • Firms skin tone
  • Removes toxic build up
  • Calms the mind

How to use:

Visit our Instagram page to see how you can get the best results using your Gua Sha.

When not to use:

Our Gua Sha tools and rituals are a gentle and safe practice, however we recommend modifying your ritual or avoiding specific areas if you have/or:

  • Open cuts, wounds or abrasions
  • Recently had botox
  • Sunburn
  • Are undergoing chemotherapy

Please note: due to the natural material of the crystal, each stone varies in colour. 

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch via 

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