Fae and Wildling

Luxury Custom Bath Salts

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$15.00 AUD $40.00 AUD


These premium bath salts come in a 500g Luxury Amber Glass Jar (pictured)

If you'd like to customise these salts please choose from the below ingredients and add them in your "customer notes" when checking out. Otherwise we will lovingly select several of the below ingredients and make in our fae and wildling concept store for you. 

Ingredients include a blend from some of the below list:
- Epson Salt
- Himalayan Pink Salt
- Rose Powder
- Rose Petals
- Sandalwood Powder - May turn water brown but smells amazing
- Butterfly Pea Powder (this is a plant)


Like, all of our Fae + Wildling products, the salts we use are all pure and premium grade. They are mineral rich, non-GMO, vegan and never tested on animals.

The salts have all been independently analysed to check their chemical composition and ensure there are no added, unwanted, ingredients or synthetics.

These salt ingredients are all sourced from an Australian company that has worked hard to ensure that none of these salts are mined by slaves or children.
All of the raw botanicals are organic.

The cost is higher for us, but we know it’s definitely worth it.

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